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Attic Under The New Roof - Retfish* - II. (Lathe Cut)

the bracing of ‘Room in the Roof’ (RiR) trussed rafter roofs. This Data Sheet shows the principles of bracing RiR roofs. The use of this system, however, is dependent upon the wind loads imposed on the roof and Table 1 (see page 4) shows how the allowable span of the roof is affected by the building’s exposure to wind speed.

Attic ventilation works on the principle that heated air naturally rises, primarily utilizing two types of vents: Intake vents, located at the lowest part of the roof under the eaves, allow cool Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.

Mold growth on attic/roof sheathing is a common issue in cool climates, such as the Pacific Northwest. In the vast majority of cases, the mold growth is caused by condensation. This occurs when the temperature of the sheathing drops below the dew point, creating a thin layer of moisture on the substrate. If this happens regularly, mold spores.

 · UPDATED on Decem with information on the U-factor alternative. A roof over a vented, unconditioned attic does not need to include any insulation. However, most cathedral ceilings and low-slope (flat) roofs are insulated roof assemblies: with this kind of roof, the insulation follows the slope of the roof. Insulated roof assemblies can be vented or unvented. There are lots of.

 · A 2x8 is " deep, so you'd need 4" of additional depth do do it with R30 cathedral ceiling batts. One method would be to cut " rigid polyiso and cut it into " wide strips and glued them to 2x2s with foam board construction adhesive for a 4" wide assembly, then screw them edge-wise to the rafters with " bugle heads.

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  1.  · A roofer will, from the attic, mark a spot near the ridge of the roof (he may first use nails from the attic to mark preferred spots between two rafters). From the roof, the roofer will cut away shingles and underlayment, and use a saber saw to cut a hole the same size as the diameter of the ted Reading Time: 10 mins.

  2.  · The attic is typically sealed by using spray foam on the underside of the roof deck and covering the soffit, ridge and gable vents to minimize air leakage from the attic to the outside. This approach can save up to 10% in space-conditioning energy when .

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